018 – An SEO Checklist For Podcasters

#018: In this episode I take a look at how non-technical podcasters can get started with their own SEO. Did you know that 30% of people use a search engine to find podcasts to listen to? Only 17% use social media! Search is important! So how do you get started with your own SEO if … Read more

017- A Quick Guide To Building Citations

#017: Citations are an important part of building credibility with Google as well as a good way to help your customers find your website and business. In this episode I discuss the basics of citations, what information you should include in them, and how to build them.  Non-affiliate links mentioned in the episode: Moz citation … Read more

016 – A Book Review: They Ask You Answer By Marcus Sheridan

#016: In this episode I review a content marketing book by Marcus Sheridan, called They Ask You Answer. Marcus outlines a simple marketing strategy to attract buyers in the digital era (his words, not mine). So. Is this book any good and why would you read it? Find me at NewRoute Digital and Tree Care SEO Services. If you have … Read more

015 – Should You Use AI For Content Creation?

#015:  AI Is a contentious issue! But in the world of content creation, should it be? In this episode I discuss Jasper.ai and whether you should use AI to help you create content. You can find Jasper at Jasper.ai. Don’t worry – I’m not an affiliate and this is not an affiliate link! Find me at NewRoute … Read more

014 – How To Make Local SEO Work For Your Business

#014: In this episode I talk about how to start mastering Local SEO for your service based company. If you provide services within a certain geographic area and rely on the Internet for leads, then Local SEO is a must! How do you leverage Google Business Profile?What sort of home page should you have?How should … Read more

012 – How To Navigate Google’s Helpful Content Update

#012: In this episode I take a look at Google’s latest algorithm update, which is being rolled out as of this week – the Helpful Content Update. The question is, what exactly is this update? How will it affect your website? And should you be worried? You can find details on the update at Google Search … Read more

011 – How To Create An SEO Enabled Niche Website

#011: In episode eleven I take you through the steps I’m using to create a simple website to target the tree care industry. In this episode, you’ll hear about the hosting provider I use, the tools I use and the keywords I’m targeting right out of the gate. I’m not affiliate for any of the … Read more

010 – The Fundamentals of Backlinks

#010: In this episode I dive into the fundamentals of backlinks for SEO. I talk about what backlinks are, how they can help get eyes on your content and how they can drive authority to your website. I give hints and tips on what types of links to acquire and also how to find them … Read more