008 – Why You Should Use YouTube For Your Business

#008: This is a milestone episode and I’m so glad I made it this far! Today I’m talking about why your business needs YouTube and why you should consider investing in this important channel as an inbound marketing strategy for your business. You don’t need a huge amount of planning to get your YouTube channel … Read more

007 – The Fundamentals of SEO Keywords

Let’s talk about the fundamentals of keywords and why you need to understand the basic concepts of keyword difficulty and search volume. Keywords are the lifeblood of connecting your web content to a searcher looking for what you offer. By the end of this episode, you will have enough knowledge to write a blog post or page … Read more

006 – How Pillars And Clusters Rev Up Your Content

#006: In this episode, I explain what pillars and clusters are and why they matter for modern content delivery and SEO. Pillars give a comprehensive overview of a topic, and a cluster is a collection of linked, relevant, and connected articles. Thanks to Jake Lang of The Entrepreneur Ride Along for his question, which was the driver for this episode. … Read more

005 – Basic Keyword Placement For Better SEO Results

As a family lawyer who cares about local SEO traffic, Doug writes blog articles regularly. He hopes his clients and prospects will find these valuable and informative and ultimately come to his law firm for business. But Doug has a problem! No one is finding his blog posts on Google. How can he (and we) fix … Read more

004 – SEO In The Marketing Funnel

In this episode I take you through the marketing funnel and where SEO fits in. It’s important to understand where SEO fits in and why it makes a difference at all levels of the funnel.In this episode, I discuss SEO in: 1) The Attract Phase (Top of the Funnel). 2) The Engage Phase (Middle of … Read more

SEO Success For Small Business Owners – The TRAILER!

If you’re an entrepreneur that wants to take control of your search engine optimization to get more inbound leads, prospects or sales, then this is the podcast for you! I’ll be sharing my good and bad experiences in the world of inbound marketing and talking to other entrepreneurs about their experiences. And I’ll be discussing … Read more