019 – I’m Re-branding SEO For Small Business Owners!

#019: I love journeys. And everyone’s life is a journey that weaves and bobs left and right, trying to reach some destination. Podcasting seems a bit like that to me.

I want this podcast to grow and impact people’s lives. I want my business to do the same.

Earlier, I committed to focusing on the arborist and tree care space for one year to see if I could grow my business.

Focusing on a smaller niche means better quality of service for my clients.

Rather than bouncing from one client to another in different industries, it means continually learning and improving all aspects of my business because of the narrow focus.

In this episode, I tell you why I am re-branding the podcast and my hopes for it going forward. I think this will be a positive change.

I’m unsure where the journey will take me, but I believe the podcast can still help you.

Even with a bit of difference in direction, it may become more valuable and beneficial to all business owners. Not just arborists!

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