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We help small businesses in Ottawa get more organic traffic, leads, and sales through SEO.

NewRoute Digital - Ottawa SEO Services

We are an Ottawa SEO Services company offering search engine optimization consulting. My team and I work to improve search engine rankings. We generate significant and compelling content marketing assets for your business.

We aim to drive leads and sales by growing organic traffic. We strive to help you generate new revenue for your business. At NewRoute Digital, we take pride in the work we do.

We partner with both small and large businesses. We factor in all aspects of your business to provide SEO strategies. These help you generate high-quality leads, increase sales and measure your ROI.

If you are a new business, we can help you achieve your first organic search rankings. We can help you grow to new heights if you are an existing businesses.

Do You Need An SEO Partner?

NewRoute Digital is different. We are an Ottawa SEO services company with years of practical experience working with SEO in our own business.

Many people offer SEO services, but how do you know who to trust? It can be hard to know who to partner with for SEO services. There are a lot of companies out there that make big promises but do not deliver.

We built two successful e-commerce stores, and our SEO expertise stems from that.

We have educated ourselves in search engine optimization and internet marketing. We also have extensive experience in web development and delivery.

What Customers Say About Our Ottawa SEO company

Hear what our customers have to say about our search engine optimization services. NewRoute Digital is a professional Ottawa SEO services company.

Finley Robinson. Brand Manager. BTRIBALFIT.

Jake Lang. Author and Coach. The Entrepreneur Ride Along.

Kenzo Fry. Life drawing teacher. Love Life Drawing.

Karthik. Founder. Design Your Thinking.

How Does an SEO Specialist Help?​

SEO companies work with you to create an SEO campaign to drive more organic traffic. They optimize your website content to increase your position in Google search results. This converts into more sales or leads.

Ottawa SEO Services

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the foundation of connecting with your audience in search engines.

Creating the right message and connecting with the right people takes work.

We make sure we target the right words with the right intent for the right people.

We perform analysis against competing websites that are ranking well. We uncover topics that answer people’s questions on Google.

Deep SEO Audit

An in-depth SEO audit takes several hours to complete. 

The audit focuses on quality and helps us understand each page’s value.

It defines the exact actions to take to find problems with your site. 

The deep website audit shows the work needed to improve website SEO performance.

SEO Audit
SEO Optimization


Optimization makes sure you get the most out of the content you have already created

It ensures that pages have attention from search engines.

It makes sure your website stays relevant.

We also optimize new content for the best performance.

Content Creation

We analyze search engine results and carry out a detailed competitor analysis.

We create content strategies and writer briefs.

These allow us to create the best content possible.

We work to fully understand your business to provide valuable, optimized content.

Digital Marketing
Link Building

Link Building

Links are the engine that proves your expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness.

Links help your audience find you. Links distribute your message and connect your business with prospective customers.

Imagine what it feels like to have other people look at your website as the authority in your industry.

Links mean you have something valuable to say, and we help you build them.

SEO Monitoring & Reporting

How do you know if your SEO efforts are working? Knowing this is only possible through monitoring performance and producing reports.

We document every change made to your SEO campaign so that we can measure the effectiveness of our work.

You always have access to work documentation and interim performance reports.

SEO Reporting

What Is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) improves visibility on search engines such as Google. The aim is to generate more traffic. Higher website rankings on a search engine attract potential customers.

SEO is a complex and ever-changing field. It can be difficult for businesses to keep up with the latest trends and best practices.

It involves everything from web design to national and local SEO marketing.

We provide our partners with ongoing support and guidance. We work to ensure that their sites perform well for their target market.

Our SEO specialists complete complex SEO tasks. We provide monthly reporting so you can see SEO results.

As an online marketing agency, NewRoute Digital drives organic search results. Increasing search engine rankings helps companies achieve positive business results.

We focus on your business goals and do our best to get you on the first page of Google. Being on the first page can attract your target audience, generate leads and drive more sales.

We can also help with competition analysis, social media marketing, and off-page SEO.

How does search engine optimization work?

To have effective SEO, we have to find opportunities for your website. We have to improve existing content assets — blog posts and pages that Google sees.

You have to create new content assets. We have to make them so good that other websites will link to them. These links give your website an up-vote.

As an SEO consultant, it’s my job to ensure that this happens for you.

Google crawls millions of websites and indexes their pages in a vast database.

When you enter a search phrase into the search bar, Google determines what pages answer your search best. Google does this by finding websites that can give you the best possible solution.

From a business perspective, you have to be able to answer a searcher exactly. Doing this creates a high chance of them clicking on your site.

The searcher then has an awareness of your business. They know your brand. You have an opportunity to move them down your sales funnel.

Who is NewRoute Digital?

NewRoute Digital is an SEO consultancy. We put in place the best SEO marketing strategies we can for your company. We partner with you and become your personal SEO marketing experts.

We only focus on SEO. We know what we are talking about and live and breathe search engine optimization.

We may carry out an SEO audit to find opportunities for a mature site.

We figure out the best content creation strategies for you to rank higher on Google.

We deliver SEO content that ranks in the search results for a new website as high as possible.

We create content that resonates with your audience. We build backlinks to bring you authority.

Our goal is to leave you with a fantastic website that generates organic traffic, leads, and sales.

If you only need an SEO audit, your takeaway is everything you need to perform SEO optimization yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

An SEO audit is a complex process that results in an in-depth report. The report recommends opportunities to improve SEO.

Might you have seen free SEO audits advertised? Like everything that comes for free, these tend not to be very detailed or valuable.

An valuable SEO audit takes several hours to complete. We use several tools to capture and combine data and understand the state of your web pages. We analyze this complex web of data following processes that we have created up over the years.

Then we write a detailed SEO recommendation report. We will give you a clear video telling you what we have found, and offer you one-on-one coaching to go through the results.

SEO is important for businesses operating on the Internet.

Investing in SEO increases traffic, sales, and leads without paying for every click. Pay Per Click ads mean precisely that. You pay for every click you receive. It is like playing the lottery. You don’t know the cost per click until it’s too late and costs can add up quickly.

With SEO, you invest in improving your rankings for the long term. The costs are easy to understand, and the higher you rank for a keyword, the more clicks you receive.

There are many reasons why your website isn’t ranking on Google. It could be as simple as your site being new. You haven’t built up enough authority to rank for search queries. Google needs you to prove yourself before you can appear!

Your blog posts are not as strong as you think they are? Google matches content with the searcher’s intent. You have to put more effort into quality if your blog posts or pages lack compared to competitor pages that rank.

There are technical issues that could stop you from ranking. Your site is blocking Google’s crawlers. Did you receive a site-wide penalty for violating Google’s Webmaster Guidelines? Is your site slow?

Unfortunately, there is no clear answer to this question.

It depends on many factors. Google expects you to earn your way to the top.

Generally, you’d expect rankings to grow between six months and a year, perhaps sooner. But that depends on resources and budget allocated to your SEO work. 

Ranking also depends on the level of competition in your niche.

Social media does not influence your SEO ranking but does create brand exposure across social platforms. That is a good thing!

To answer this question, you need to understand how competitor pages already rank.

Part of our job as SEO consultants is to answer this question with through analysis.

By understanding the top 10 pages’ length, you know how long your content needs to be.

The content creation process is integral to the whole SEO process.

You need to understand how to rank for your chosen keyword. Keyword research allows you to understand the searcher’s terms and intent, difficulty to rank and, volume of monthly searches.

You’ll also understand the page format Google favors in its search results.

You can plan how many images you might need by analyzing competitor pages and whether you need video. What paragraph structure is best. And other factors.

These factors go into the creative process and result in great content.

Links are up-votes from other websites when they link – or reference – content on your site.

If thirty people you didn’t know gave a five-star rating for a restaurant, you might trust their review and try the restaurant?

Backlinks from other sites pointing to yours are like the restaurant review analogy.

Some links have more authority than others. You want links from high-quality, high-authority websites pointing back to yours.

Lower quality or untrustworthy websites don’t do a lot for you. You want your website to live in a good neighborhood.

It comes down to you giving value to another website’s visitors. Focusing on creating the most valuable content will often produce the best results.

Building links is more about quality than quantity. So focus on creating amazing, unique content and extraordinary relationships with other website owners.

Only Google knows how its algorithms work. SEO experts have spent years creating best practices. 

They have analyzed data and have developed proven optimization techniques. They give you the best chance to rank high in search results.

There are a lot of factors involved. Budget and competitiveness are high among these. 

Unfortunately there isn’t an SEO company in the World that can guarantee you will rank in the first position.

We can guarantee that we do the best work we can to help you rank as high as possible.

We follow proven project management and optimization processes in an iterative manner. Similar to tacking a boat to get to its final destination. 

NewRoute Digital is also a local SEO company helping you gain as much local online visibility as possible.

We understand the finer points of local placement and Google My Business (GMB) and know what it takes to reach the top in your area.